Voluntary work

It is possible for students who have completed internships in Ne-Rå to continue working in the office and with localised counselling on voluntary basis. Volunteers can do counseling, provide long-term support to customers or host groups. Ne-Rån volunteers have also been involved in regional events or events organized by the Kalliola setelement. Ne-Rån volunteers can participate in Kalliola's Setlement's volunteering courses, recreational activities and enterprise resource planning.

Non-students may become volunteers through a volunteer course. The training is organizes in cooperation with the other organizers of civic activities of the Kalliola Setlement 1-2 times a year. Volunteers are sought especially as support staff who can support people long-term in managing financial matters. In addition, volunteers are also needed from time to time in other positions. If you have your own business idea, please tell us about it! 

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