Learning environment

Ne-Rå offers internship opportunities of varying duration to students from Arcada, Metropolia and Diak. In addition students have the possibility of writing their thesis connected to Ne-Rå related matters. Students from other institutions can also inquire about these possibilities.

Ne-Rå offers students a versatile learning environment. Students participate in planning and reporting, as well as supervised customer service. The students’ learning is enhanced by visits to both public and Non-governmental agencies. Students in long-term internships conduct counseling independently at affiliates. Informing the public on Ne-Rå’s operation is carried out, to a large extent, by the students. Students may carry out a small project related to his/hers own objectives concerning counseling centre’s operation, for example, in a form of a development task.

Student’s main task is to work with people contacting Ne-Rå. The students work in pairs, sharing the responsibility and their know-how to guarantee a high-standard of service. This also supports learning through joint reflection. In counseling situations students listen to the client, offer information and if needed, refer the client to other services. Information retrieval and clarification work are central tasks. Our objective is to enrich the client’s own resources and to assist the client in coping with issues related to every day life. Solutions to the client’s problems are sought in cooperation with the client themselves.


Please notice that Ne-Rå's activities will end 23.5.2019. 

However, our operations will continue normally throughout the spring.  

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