Ne-Rå is founded on the principle of easy access for all and people can contact it without appointment. Ne-Rå provides guidance and counselling on social services and benefits and gives information about housing possibilities. Ne-Rå  also helps with filling in forms and applications and offers a place where it is easy to discuss the difficulties with bureucracy. In some situations it is even possible to get a voluntary worker to accompany when visiting authorities. The aim of the counselling work is to help people to orientate in the finnish service system and get the services and help they are entitled to.  

Ne-Rå also organize courses, groupe activities and events in cooperation with diffrent actors at Kalliola.

Principals of the centre

• Equality: the counselling centre is open for everyone
• Confidentiality: students are bound by professional confidentiality
• Anonymity: it is possible to visit the counselling centre anonymously 
• Free of charge: Ne-Rå’s services are free
• Independence: Ne-Rå functions outside the realm of governmental and municipal services
• Prevention of exclusion and the promotion of inclusion

Ne-Rå is run in cooperation with the University of Helsinki and Universities of Applied Sciences Metropolia, Arcada and Diak. The mother organisation of Ne-Rå is Kalliolan setlementti and it is financied by Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA).

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